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Haven Counseling Collective is an adolescent and young adult treatment group in Oregon. Our Mission is to provide comprehensive and collaborative youth services to promote well-being and safety. We believe the adolescent and young adult community are our greatest assets and our counselors work effortlessly to provide services to help them achieve their own personal greatness. 


Our model of recovery is based on connection to others. Clinical interventions provide our clients a space to be seen and heard. Mental health and addiction problems in teens and young adults have historically led to dangerous levels of isolation.  At Haven Counseling Collective we promote recovery through connection by encouraging clients to engage with their social support networks.  We will provide our clients with pro-social skills, wellness practices, resources, self-care skills, and more. HCC clinicians are able to provide clients with the tools necessary to navigate being a healthy young person. 

Mental Health Counseling 

Haven Counseling Collective offers telehealth mental health services to adolescents and young adults.  HCC mental health providers utilize evidence-based treatment models including Motivational Interviewing, Stages of Change, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and other modalities of therapy to create a comprehensive treatment plan centered around each client’s individual needs.  HCC clinicians are trained in providing trauma informed care and are committed to creating an anti-racist and gender inclusive program.

Addiction Counseling

Haven Counseling Collective addiction counselors offer onsite, in person, and telehealth addiction Early Intervention and Outpatient treatment services to adolescents and young adults. HCC addiction counselors utilize evidence-based treatment models including Motivational Interviewing, Stages of Change, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to build treatment plans focused on relapse prevention skills, psychoeducation, harm reduction, and goal setting to create a foundation for healthy decision making. 

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